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A Beginners Guide To Trucks

The most important part of any set up, there's plenty you need to know about trucks!

Buying your first skateboard can be really intimidating. What board is right for me? What trucks do I need? What wheels are best for beginners? Do I get a complete or set one up myself? What is the difference to it all?! All these questions and more will run through your head and with such a big range of parts to choose from it can all be a bit overwhelming! We’ve put together the following guides to give you all the information you need to buy all your skateboard parts with confidence and get out skating sooner! So let’s get into it!



Trucks. Even the word is tough. This is one of the most important parts of your board, where all your turning, pressure and grinding is. Purchasing the right set of trucks is the most important part of getting you set up, plus the right set of trucks can last you years (depending on how much you skate) so we want to make sure you get it right. Let’s break it down!  


All these strange numbers can be really complicated and get hard to get your head around. The truth is a lot of experienced skaters don’t even know what some of these numbers mean. Is it the length of the axle? Is it the length of the hanger? Is it cm’s, mm’s, metric, imperial, who knows?! What we do know is you need the right size to fit your board!

If your trucks are too small, it will affect your turning, balance and it can also give you wheelbite, which pretty much means your wheels hit the deck when turning, and you’ll go flying overboard... 

If your trucks are too big, again, you also have a high chance of getting wheelbite, but ultimately it just looks a bit silly.  

Check out our sizing guides on each truck to make sure you get the right one!


Loose vs. Tight Trucks

Firstly, there's no right or wrong way to ride your trucks (except backwards!). Whatever feels good for you, just do it. In saying that, steer away from having them too tight as this can often put a lot of pressure on the bushings (those little rubber bits in the middle) which causes them to crack. On the other hand, if they’re too loose you risk the nut falling off or you could get wheelbite like mentioned before! 

We recommend finding somewhere nice in the middle. Realistically, you should be able to make a quick 45-degree turn, simply by leaning left or right. If you purchase a skate tool, you can make all the adjustments you need by turning the big nut in the middle of the truck. Remember, lefty loosey, righty tighty.  


You’ve probably already noticed the huge price difference in a lot of our trucks. Firstly, all trucks are sold in pairs, you can’t do a whole lot with just one truck unless you plan on manualling everywhere! As far as price, the more you pay, the more advantages you get. So let's start with the entry level trucks and work our way up to the premium range.  

Entry Level

A pair of trucks ranging from $50-$70 a pair are fine for beginners who aren't jumping down stairs, grinding rails or taking heaps of impact. If you’re just getting started and you just need something to get you rolling, these will do the trick. 


From the more premium brands you will get a truck that gives you more responsive turning, greater stability on your board and often made of stronger materials. These trucks will range upwards from $80 for a pair and will come in various styles, each with their own qualities. 


The Standard is the basic of the premium brands. They are solid steel and any experienced skater will vouch for them. There may be slight price differences between brands, but ultimately, they’re all just as durable and responsive as each other.  


The Hollow has a hollowed out axle and kingpin to make the truck much lighter than your standards. Having your board lighter can help you pop higher and maneuver your board better. 


The Titanium is the creme dela creme of skateboard trucks. They have a hollowed out kingpin and solid titanium axles which gives them the highest strength to weight ratio. Light and strong, what more can you need in a truck!  

Both the Hollow and Titaniums come with a higher price tag though so if you’re just starting out really think if you need these just yet. 


Don’t forget the bolts!

You’ll need to purchase bolts to attach the deck to the trucks but there’s no need to be too fussy here. You can get 7/8” or 1” for a board without riser pads. If you have riser pads, grab the 1 ¼” and you’ll be laughing! See our Wheels guide to determine if you’re going to need riser pads or not. 

Also, don’t forget when putting on your trucks that you always have the bushings (the rubbery bits) facing inwards. Otherwise your trucks won’t work properly and you’ll look a bit silly! 

Now get out there and go skateboarding!